ULM 35-Channel Microwave Profiling Radiometer

The data presented herein are derived from a Radiometrics MP-3000A microwave profiling radiometer (MPR). The MPR is a passive remote sensor which utilizes sky brightness temperature observations and neural network retreivals to provide near continuous, high resolution vertical profiles of temperature, relative humidity, water vapor and liquid water content. Data are retrieved from the surface to 10-km, but this site will only provide data from the lowest 3-km (best resolution and accuracy). Surface meteorological sensors are included on the MPR providing measurements of surface air temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure.

Specific data plots available include time-height sections of standard MPR retrievals (temperature, relative humidity, water vapor, and liquid water) and surface measurements (temperature, dew point, pressure, integrated vapor, and integrated liquid). Derived thermodynamic variables will also be provided in the future (e.g., potential temperature, equivalent potential temperature, mixing ratio). All data plots are for the past 24-hours. MPR retrievals can be contaminated by heavy precipitation.

The ULM MPR is colocated with the polarimetric S-band Doppler weather radar, approximately 4 miles due east of ULM's campus.


NOTICE: The data herein are experimental and intended for research and educational purposes only. The pages herein contain no implied or other guarantees of accuracy or timeliness of data. Please visit your local National Weather Service site for updated weather information. For further information on the MPR, including data requests, please contact Dr. Todd Murphy

Acquistion of the MPR was supported by the Louisiana Board of Regents Traditional Enhancement Program (grant # LEQSF(2016-17)-ENH-TR-31).